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Cold hors d' oeuvres

  • Balkan appetizer470.00

    300g (gammon,cheeze,marinated cabbage,marinated pepper,marinated beet,hot peppers,beans)

  • Marinated appetizer640.00

    400g(cabbages,peppers,cucumbers,tomatoes,beet,chili peppers)

  • Gruzdi490.00

    200g (marinated mushrooms,onions,sour cream)

  • Vegetable platter340.00


  • Olives340.00

    150g(green and black olives)

  • Meat platter890.00

    250g(smoked beef and pork,gammon,beef tongue)

  • Beef tongue540.00

    150g(boiled beef tongue,mustard)

  • Gammon "Prosciutto"940.00

    120g (gammon,almonds,grapes)

  • Aspic410.00

    250g(aspic with pork and beef meat,garlic)

  • Tatar beefsteak1890.00

    300g(beef fillet whith 15 spices)+toast bread and butter

  • Carpaccio790.00

    120g(beef fillet,parmesan,pine nuts,rucola,olive oil)

  • Salmon680.00

    150g(salt salmon,cabbage,red caviar)

  • Fish platter790.00

    250g (salted salmon,smoked sockeye salmon,smoked oily fish)

  • Prawn cocktail460.00

    180g(shelled prawns,iceberg,pineapple,apple,italian sauce,red caviar)

  • Red caviar810.00

    30g (salmon caviar)

  • Cheese platter840.00

    350g(cheese assorted,walnuts,fruits)