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Grilled specialties

  • Mixed meat grill1190.00

    450g(beef fillet,pork fillet,pork neck,chevapchichi(minced meat),pleskavitsa(burger),bacon)+garnish french fries

  • White veshalica820.00

    300g(pork fillet)+garnish(rice,stewed vegetables,french fries)

  • Stuffed white veshalica890.00

    300g(pork fillet,bacon,cheese)+garnish(rice,stewed vegetables,french fries)

  • Negushki fillet with kaymak980.00

    300g Stuffed pork fillet with gammon and cheese.Served with kaymak and potatoes.

  • Pork neck fillet790.00

    300g+garnish(rice,french fries,stewed vegetables)

  • Sirlion steak790.00

    350g+garnish(rice,early potatoes,stewed vegetables)

  • Argentine sword1040.00

    400g(pork neck,pork fillet,bacon,peppers,onion and pepper sauce)+garnish(early potatoes and stewed vegetables)

  • Pleskavitsa "Gourmet"850.00

    300g(traditional Serbian beef burger with bacon and cheese)+garnish french fries

  • Chevapchichi790.00

    300g(traditional grilled minced beef meat-type of skinless sausage)+garnish french fries

  • Leskovachki ushtipci850.00

    300g(grilled minced beef meat with bacon,cheese,chili peppers and garlic)+garnish(rice,stewed vegetables,french fries)

  • Lamb990.00

    300g+garnish(rice,early potatoes,stewed vegetables)

  • Chicken breast a la serbian890.00

    (chicken fillets,bacon,marinated peppers cheese sauce,garnish-potatoes)-300g

  • Chicken a la Balkan810.00

    400g+garnish(rice,french fries,stewed vegetables)

  • Chicken rolls860.00

    300g(stuffed chicken fillet with feta cheese)+garnish(rice,french fries,stewed vegetables)

  • Chicken fillet760.00

    300g+garnish(rice,french fries,stewed vegetables)

  • Neat's tongue890.00

    200g+garnish stewed vegetables

  • Grilled vegetables430.00

    300g(eggplants,zucchini,cucumbers,chery tomatoes,peppers,mushrooms)