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International dishes

  • Duck breast with raspberry honey sauce1190.00

    250g+garnish(mixed salad,cherry tomatoes,pear,grilled zucchini)

  • Duck breast with walnut1150.00

    250g+garnish(mixed salad,cherry tomatoes)asian sauce

  • Veal natural schnitzel850.00

    300g (veal fillet with natural sauce)+garnish(rice,stewed vegetables,french fries)

  • Genovese schnitzel880.00

    300g Veal fillet,smoked beef,marinated cucumbers,marinated peppers and roasted cheese.Served with rice,stewed vegetables and french fries.

  • Saute "Stroganoff"850.00

    300g Beef fillet and mushrooms with sauce.Served with rice.

  • Argentine fire top900.00

    300g Beef fillet,onions,peppers,tomatoes,red beans,sweet corn with hot sauce.Served with rice.

  • Karagorgeva schnitzel920.00

    300g Rolled pork fillet,stuffed with kaymak,breaded and fried.Served with rice,stewed vegetables french fries and tartar sauce.

  • Wiener schnitzel780.00

    300g Breaded pork fillet.Served with rice,stewed vegetables,french fries and tartar sauce.

  • Muckalica "Leskovac"800.00

    300g Pork meat,onions,peppers and tomatoes with hot sauce.Served with rice.